“I would like to save money 
 and also be environmentally conscious.” 

 “I need smart solutions 
 for production and also 
 to optimize consumption.” 

 “I just do not have the time 
 to take care of the details.” 

Energy management for your home

For a greener world – with just a few clicks

Based on your energy consumption, we enable you to become greener and save money in just a few steps. shine determines whether your current energy supply is really the best solution for your needs whilst you sit back and relax: Our app notifies you as soon as a further improvement is possible for you. Take your energy future into your own hands and together with us turn the world of energy supply on its head.

The shine app accompanies you every step of your personal energy transition


Always in the right electricity tariff


Never miss a renewal period


Earn shinecoins with every step


Discover opportunities for the energy transition


Full transparency & control

Install our free shine app now!

Install the free shine app now!

People Powering People

More than just a vision

We believe that there will no longer be a centralised power grid operated by large energy companies in the future. We see a world where people generate electricity themselves and provide each other with 100% green energy. People powering people.

Our solutions for homeowners

especially for solar and CHP system operators

Optimise your CHP system
and save hundreds of Euros.

Manage your solar system
to achieve full independence.

News from our blog

News from our blog

Darum ist kostenloser Strom die Zukunft

„Die Sonne schickt uns keine Rechnung“ - mit diesem Titel macht uns der Autor Franz Alt die Energiewende schmackhaft. Dass das mehr als ein markanter Spruch ist, zeigt die Aussicht auf die Energieversorgung der Zukunft. Sie wird uns Angebote bringen, bei denen Strom...

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Wie findet man den perfekten Stromtarif?

Es gibt Strom für Studenten, Strom für große Familien, für Singles, Ökostrom und Grundversorgungstarife. Das Angebot ist groß und unübersichtlich. Insgesamt stehen Verbrauchern heute weit über 1.000 verschiedene Tarife zur Auswahl. Wie soll man da einen Stromtarif...

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